Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grape Juice Stain

First of let me start off by telling you that I love The Children's Place, it is by far one of my favorite children's stores to go to. You know when those cashiers see my husband and I walk in they start salivating at the mouth. Thinking they are going to drop big bucks and you can just see the drool flowing when they see our boys with us. No joke we go in at least every season for new clothes, these boys grow so fast it is unreal and well let's just say their mommy likes to shop for them and keeps them in style. Yes, I know they are only 4 and 2 but they are going to look good at it. I by play clothes and then there are those we wear to church/school, just admit it I am not the only one out there who does it. And if I am then call me crazy and send me loony bin. Doug always thanks the Lord because if we had girls he knows he would be in trouble and working forever. I always complain about never have very many choices of places to buy things for boys or maybe I am just picky. I have often wondered out loud about opening a store just for boys because I know I am not the only one out there in this very situation. OK, even of about that and what I really wanted to post about.

On Sunday, I take the boys and drop them of in the 4 and under class at church just like I do every week. Mr. Nic is wearing a shirt just like the one I posted of Eli in the previous post (I tend to buy them some of the same dress shirts). Well after church I go in to pick the boys up and I notice Nic has purple spots all over his shirt, wondering out loud I ask him what that it. He responds, "Grape juice." I am thinking to myself, oh how lovely and I have no spot treater or stain remover at home how in the world am I going to get this out. He had multiple big and little spots down the front of his shirt and on the right sleeve. Hello, two year olds and grape juice do not mix that well! I have spill proof cups at home and they do not at church, just might have to get some for them. Anyway, I rack my brain trying to figure out how am I getting this out. Baking soda? Peroxide? No, that might fade the stripes, possibly? So, I google grape stains and peroxide was an answer but so was boiling water. I am thinking how is boiling water going to get out all of this? But low and behold 3 pans of boiling water later and we have no grape stains on that very handsome shirt and it looks good as new. You have got to love Google and everything you can find with it. Dilemma solved until next time.


Melinda said...

If you opened up a clothing store just for boys, I would totally be there. I too like to keep my kiddos in style and yes, it is also good news that I don't have a girl.

Good tip on the grape juice stain. I didn't know that.

♥georgie♥ said...

that happened to my lilest bean at Church a while back...she had her favorite cream color lacy dress covered in grape juice

YAY for Google

You have a beautiful family!

6HappyHearts said...

Great tip! Thanks for sharing : )
I'm w/ya on the matchy matchy & I too love Children's Place!!

momof3darlings said...

OMG I had the SAME THING happen to Brooklyn's BRAND NEW Gymboree shirt last summer! I was LIVID! And because I didn't know about the stain, it dried overnight.

And sure enough...good ol' Google, and the boiling trick worked BEAUTIFULLY! LOL I just looked like a freak with a shirt boiling on my stove. LOL

I have a "thing" for TCP too...their jeans are HEAVEN!