Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it me or are things getting cheaper?

No not price wise, everything is still going up. They still charge you for a big box of cereal when in fact you are getting a smaller box, you can even see it on the price labels, (common sense would be to change the labels, or maybe is this their way of making you mad while you are grocery shopping?)

Okay, back to my rant about cheap products. I go and buy a new roll of saran wrap, good quality, lasts forever and not really expensive. That is until I get home and use it for the first time. I open the box, they have changed where the little cutter is, instead of on the bottom it is now on the lid. Maybe this goes to show how long it has been since I have bought saran wrap. So, I proceed to put this on a bowl and low and behold it will not stick. So what has changed from the last time I bought a box? The economy? Definitely. The quality in which items are made? Most definitely. I may just have to still with aluminum foil or Glad press and seal.

Also, if you have bought a can of petite diced tomatoes lately then you have noticed the quality of them as well. They are hardly petite diced and then they look like they have been thrown into the blender before packaging. Just great instead of nice cut up tomatoes I now have blended tomatoes in the meal I made for dinner. At least they still taste like tomatoes before long the cutbacks will be hitting those too or they may become impostors. All in the name of saving money.


Kristen@nosmallthing said...

SO frustrating, isn't it?!

megan k said...

you read my diaper post?! grrrr

I did notice that about saran wrap though!! I bought the cheap brand the other day and it didn't stick! that was after the whole roll fell out of the box b/c I think i also didn't notice the cutter had moved..

Dawn said...

Ugh!! Do they think we're stupid?!? LOL!

I'm so glad I'm going to get to FINALLY meet you at MNO!! =)

Emily said...

Saran wrap, in general, makes me want to poke my eyes out.

And I noticed recently that at Target and Wal-Mart the huggies boxes have less diapers in them even though they cost the same. Crest in OKC still sells the 100 count box though.

Oh, for the day when I no longer have the price per diaper memorized....