Friday, March 27, 2009

How long does it take mom to give herself a pedicure?

Very good question, if I say so myself. With the weather being nice last week, of course what does that mean? Well you are right, time to break out the beloved flip flops of mine, my favorite type of shoe. And I hate to admit but the love of the flip flop has rubbed off on my boys. Comfortable, fashionable, affordable and just slipping them off anytime, oh pure bliss.
So back to my question of how long does it take mom to give herself a pedicure? Well, in my case, 4 hours total. That's right 4 hours. Why you ask? Let's see, you start, then hubby needs to ask you something and you discuss that, one of your children needs to go to the bathroom and then it is time for lunch. Clean up after lunch, occupy 4 year old with an activity, put 2 year old down for a nap and try to pick up where you left off. Then phone rings about changing an appointment, business call and then need to check something on the computer, and 4 year old needs to go to bathroom again. Back to pedicure, start talking to husband about things he is doing and slowly finish up just in time for 2 year old to get up from nap. Next time, I will leave and go for a relaxing hour instead of doing it myself, it will make life much more simple to relax and then come back and focus on everything else.


megan k said...

And now your feet will freeze if you wear your flip flops..

So if you see Daniele around town wearing flip flops in the possible snow, check out her toes b/c it took four hours to get them lookin perty.

Debbie said...

Four hours? Wow. That was fairly fast.